Wednesday , 21 February 2018


What is Brain Cancer & what are its symptoms?

Brain Cancer symptoms, causes, treatments in South Africa

Brain cancer occurs when abnormal cancer cells develop and multiply within the brain forming a malignant tumour or tumours. Primary brain cancer begins in the brain, while a tumour that starts elsewhere in the body and spreads to the brain is called a metastatic or secondary tumour. Brain cancer causes, then, can include other cancers, but according to the Cancer …

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Top 10 Cancer Support groups in South Africa

Top 10 Cancer Support groups in South Africa

These are some of the many cancer support groups you can find in South Africa. The are different types of cancers that some of these focus on, so go through the whole and find the best one for you. Contents Adopt A Pink Piggy (APP) amaBele Belles Breast Cancer Survivor BreastSens (BS) Breast Health Foundation (BHF) Bosom Buddies (BB) Campaign …

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Cancer victim & late Wife of top Businessman remembered

Zodwa MaNdwalane Zungu - cancer victim & wife of top businessman, Sandile Zungu

“Today is exactly one hundred (100) days since my wife, Zodwa (MaNdwalane) passed away. She fought gallantly against cancer for a solid 10 years. During that time she embraced her ever changing circumstances with so much grace, I really felt the most blessed soul around her. Zodwa was my LOVE – we were married for 25 years, she was my …

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What is Breast Cancer?

What is Breast Cancer - Vitamin D Might Be Able to Slash Your Breast Cancer Risk by 90 Percent - Dr Mercola

Any woman (and even men) can get breast cancer which is why it is so important to know about the disease and know about all potential treatments. It is often not clear why some people get cancer and others do not, and the more we learn about the disease, the better we get at curing it. What is cancer? It …

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Healthy lifestyle – how does it affect my breasts?

What is a healthy lifestyle & how does it affect my breasts

Healthy living is the new catch phrase of our time. The media is filled with stories and pictures of people working out in gyms, eating health foods and living the good life. While there is nothing wrong with healthy living many of the messages carried in the media are overstated. People are told to mega dose on vitamins, to eat …

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Supplements for breast health & healthy lifestyle and beating cancer

Breast Cancer: Guidelines For Buying Safe Supplements and Herbs

It is important to remember many vitamins, supplements and herbs contain active ingredients which can interact with any medications you take. For instance, some supplements can decrease the effectiveness of breast cancer chemotherapy and radiation. It is extremely important to consider all supplements as medications and inform your doctor of what you are taking. Evening Primrose Oil (EPO) (avoid during …

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How do I prevent Breast Cancer & How can i avoid getting breast cancer?

Top Tips for Breast Cancer Prevention - How do I prevent Breast Cancer

How can one prevent breast cancer? Unfortunately the answer is that nothing can stop you from getting breast cancer. All the scientists and doctors in the world have not determined a way to prevent cancer developing. But the good news is that we are clear about the ways we can cure cancer. And that cancer caught early is normally the easiest …

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Breast Pain Treatments – Is it normal to have painful breasts?

young woman with breast pain touching chest

Pain in the breast is a frequent complaint.  All women will experience breast pain at some stage in their lives but some women are unfortunate enough to suffer from constant or repeated episodes of breast pain. When breast pain becomes excessive, it begins to interfere with the patient’s lifestyle such as being unable to wear seatbelts or having difficulty with …

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I’ve got an infection in my breast, please help – Breast Cancer Infections!

breast-surgery- Breast Cancer Infections - I've got an infection

Breast infections most commonly affected women from 18-50 years. They can be divided into infections related to breast-feeding and those that are not (non-lactational abscesses). It is important to treat any infection of the breast early and correctly to ensure they do not develop into deeper problems. As with all diseases of the breast it is also important to make …

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What is this lump I can feel in my breast?

What is this lump I can feel in my breast - Breast Cancer Lump

Most breast lumps are not breast cancer and will never develop into breast cancer. The safest approach to all breast lumps however is to always get a lump examined by a medical professional. In fact no matter how often you examine breasts as a doctor or check your own breasts as a patient, it can’t be assumed that the breast …

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